Notice of AGM

Season 2023 was a very successful season with very little impact from Covid or weather allowing us to complete a full season of football.
Our volunteer committee has continued to work tirelessly over the last season to keep the club running smoothly and maintaining a high level of service to its membership, however there are many committee members that are looking to move on at the end of this season and we are looking for new volunteers to come and join our 2024 volunteer committee.
Our Annual General Meeting will be held this Wednesday 25th October 2023 at 8pm, where the decisions are made and voting takes place in relation to filling all the volunteer committee positions for the 2024 season.
All positions will be declared vacant, however there are a number of roles which we currently don’t have any potential volunteers for, and without these roles filled, the club will not be able to function at the same level as it did this season.
Vacant volunteer committee positions for 2024 include:
– Competition Secretary
– Bear cubs Coordinator
– Sponsorship Coordinator
– Canteen manager
– BBQ manager
– Events manager
– Diversity & Inclusion Officer
– Member Protection Officer
– General committee members
If you have any questions or queries in relation to any of the matters in this email please reach out to either Belinda Waddington at, or Carlos Brito at
I have attached nomination forms for volunteer committee positions submission prior to the AGM.
We are looking forward to new volunteer committee members to provide new perspectives and fresh ideas moving forward to continue to make our club the great place it is