Coaches Corner


If you would like to be a manager or a coach at all during the time your child is playing soccer.

You will also need to obtain a working with children certification. This does not cost you but requires you to have a NSW drivers licence and present it at services NSW. Every team needs a parent to be a manager responsible for admin and communication, and a coach to organise training.

If you’re new to soccer and will be playing, managing or coaching, you will need to obtain a FFA# for you and/or your child.

Once you have been allocated your FFA# you can then register with the club as a player, manager or coach. Make sure you select our club otherwise you may not be covered for insurance purposes.


The club has also been able to organise a grassroots coaching course for any coaches that are interested.

Timing TBC – check back here or contact the committee for more information.


Consult the framework below for a brief introduction to the suggested process of coaching children through their sporting development.
STAGES Stage 1 | Bear Cubs
U5 - U8 Teams (mixed)
Stage 2 | Black Bears
U9 - U12 Teams (boys/girls/mixed teams)
Stage 1 | Grizzly Bears
U13 - U17 Teams (boys/girls/mixed teams)


Intra Club Teams (U5 - U8)

  • Players allocated to teams based on either self-organised teams or club facilitation as required.
  • Objective is to create fun environment and engage young players in the sport of football.
  • Focus is on enjoyment and the social aspects of team sport whilst offering a start point for skills development.

Graded Teams (U9 - U17)

  • Players allocated to teams based on pre-season grading process.
  • Social players not required to trial and teams may self-organise as desired.
  • All Coaches provided with access to relevant Community Courses (see overleaf)

Development Squads (U6 - U17)

  • Players invited to trial as identified by Technical Director and Senior Coaches based on performance across the prior season.
  • Players and Parents/Guardians required making upfront commitment to training and playing.
  • Senior Coaches supported to pursue FFA ‘C’ Youth Licence qualification (see overleaf)


Technical Director

  • Responsible for all aspects of the Club’s Youth Development Framework.
  • Holds FFA ‘C’ Youth Licence.

Team Coaches

  • Coaches appointed for each team within an age-group.
  • The Club will facilitate access to appropriate Community Course Certification during pre- season.

Senior Coaches 

  • Senior Coaches assigned to each Development Squad.
  • Lead role in identifying talent across age groups.
  • Hold or working towards FFA Youth ‘C’ Licence.


  • Training once per week; determined by Coach.
  • Training once per week; determined by Coach.
  • Training once per week; determined by Coach.


Stage Coordinators

  • Provide admin and logistical support required to facilitate participation in relevant competitions including intra-club competitions.
  • Maintain contact with Team Coordinators wot regard to field availability, fixture lists and rescheduling, player and coach registration.

Team Coordinators

  • Liaise with parents and players to ensure all registration obligations are completed, fixtures and scheduling are understood by parents.